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“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” - Joseph Campbell 1904-1987

What a fantastic night that was! It's just almost criminal to have had a good time as we did that night. It was a very momentous occasion! We'd like to thank Gary Hoey & Band, Taz Taylor & Band, and Matt Holmen and his band Sacred Cow. it was just a great evening of intense music, seeing good friends and making great memories.

Ho Ho Hoey Christmas


RDG - Warped @ Ramona Mainstage 12/21/13

Recorded live during RDG's show opening for Gary Hoey's HoHoHoey holiday show at Ramona Mainstage. Features Bill Ray on drums and Deron Ireland on bass. Audio tracked using a Zoom R16 and merged with video from both cameras using Movie

RDG - Warped @ Ramona Mainstage 12/21/13RDG - Heavy D @ Ramona Mainstage 12/21/13RDG - 1972 @ Ramona Mainstage 12/21/13RDG - Insomnia @ Ramona Mainstage 12/21/13RDG - Free & EyeCycles @ Ramona Mainstage 12/21/13

Raymond Jamming With Gary Hoey

From Raymond- "The Jam That Almost Didn't Happen?"

So... the jam that almost wasn't! It's pretty much a universal dream of all musicians to one day jam with their idols, and for me, that dream came true this weekend when I opened for Gary Hoey at Ramona Mainstage... but as stated above, it almost didn't happen.

After RDG's set, I was asked by Gary's tech to leave my amp on stage and be ready to come up later to sit in. I couldn't believe it and was beyond excited. Having ended our set by completely ripping off all the strings on my main guitar, I knew I had to make sure my backup guitar was tuned and ready to go.

As Gary's set was coming to an end, the moment I'd been dreaming of happened... he calls out for me to join him onstage. I make my way up to stage, plug in, and realize my guitar isn't making any noise. Frantically Gary's tech and I are trying to trace down the issue while Gary continues to jam on and work the crowd. At this point I'm having what I can only relate as an out of body experience. I can't believe this is happening! Seriously?!? Are you f@&cking kidding me?!?

Here I am, on stage with Gary Hoey in front of a sold out crowd, scream'n away for this jam, and my guitar won't work. I rarely play my backup, and it seemed fine when I was tuning it, but it just won't fire up... and since I'm a lefty, I couldn't use one of Gary's guitars.

So, just as I feel the moment slipping away, and in a complete "please sweet baby Jesus help me" effort, I, with all my might, PUNCH the living hell out of my guitar and PRESTO... it turns on! Whatever was shorted out was literally punched into working... and the rest, well, is history. It's the jam that almost wasn't and an experience I will never forget.

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